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CoSN Smart Education Networks by Design Guidelines for School CTOs


SEND Guidelines and Checklist ready for download and discussions.  March 2014

Wordle: CoSN SEND Guidelines for CTO's March 2014

Without robust infrastructure and resilient MAN/WAN and ISP strategies, your network may not be ready to support your 1:1 and mixed environments such as BYOD.  Down load the checklist to aid in your upgrade review and planning.

Core Recommendations:

☑ Recognize that education networks have become one of the most critical infrastructure components of any school’s operations

☑ Recognize that 1-to-1, or many-to-1 technology programs are quickly becoming mainstream, and plan for bandwidth capacity accordingly

☑ Start every Education Network planning and upgrade process by closely consulting with

teachers and administrators regarding intended uses of technologies in the classroom and ensure that network hardware and services are capable of supporting peak loads

☑ Plan for substantial training and support of teachers and staff as part of any technology rollout

☑ Understand that accessing content and resources while outside of the classroom – from home, class field trips, and in the community – is as critical to effective learning as in-class connectivity

☑ Ensure that rigorous security measures, regardless of the type of connection, are built into your network design – this is both for the purposes of preventing unauthorized access to network content and resources, as well as complying with federal and state student protection laws

☑ Make design choices that lay a foundation for the future, both in terms of scalability and the ease with which new device capabilities and technologies can be supported.


Volunteer opportunity: Board of Reviewing Editors for Journal of Mobile Teaching


The Journal of Mobile Teaching ( seeks scholars, practitioners and educators interested in joining the Board of Reviewing Editors in an effort to expand the diversity of voices, pedagogies and technologies that comprise the rapidly growing field of mobile teaching.

JMT (ISSN 2164-6724) is an integrated media resource accessible via a PC or mobile device. It is the core knowledgebase and professional network for teaching and digital learning with mobile devices. Our program of research papers, open source mobile lesson plans, and strategic presentations for mobile learning provides a point of first contact for teaching mobile.
Reviewing Editor Responsibilities include:
*   Providing leadership and expertise in a field related to mobile teaching; and
*   Reviewing manuscript submissions (up to six manuscripts per academic year)

Submit your nomination or statement of interest to

Nominees will be ask to provide a brief statement of expertise and to identify current interest in/contributions to the field of mobile teaching, as well as a two-page CV or resume. Nominations/Statements of Interest deadline: December 31, 2012

Richard L. Austin
Emeritus Professor of Horticulture
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

via Edtech Archives, posting guidelines and other information are at:

Iowa Education Blueprint v1.0 Wordle


Wordle: Iowa Education Blueprint 1.0 Oct 3 2011

Seat time … sigh:(


Today I overheard a sad conversation.  A college student majoring in a K-12 education was commenting to a classmate that she had completed all the requirements for her on-line course in a curriculum course but had to find an additional number of hours to “log” in order to meet some course criteria.  If we continue to expose our teachers to be to this arcane notion that seat-time equates to learning, from where will the breakthroughs come?  Sigh :>(

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