NECC 2007 Linking for Learning: Collaborative Project Work

Sprinting in, Nigel, did a nice job of calming the gathered attendees due to a little late start with grace and humor.

Nigel Quirke and Nigel Metcalf

Two projects were discussed. ( ). The Moodle LMS was used. The project has several positive outcomes, including gains by students in communication skills, writing skills and research skills. Teachers gained through this project technology skills, insights into appropriate uses of technology, and project based learning. The video showed other skills demonstrated and learned by the students, such as work skills from the type of activities, such as meeting time lines. I could see that this might be mirrored in other areas or even within cities of disparate socio-economic status or differing ethnic densities.

The second project, Dissolving Boundaries ( ), also used Moodle. The project chose Moodle as a reliable, secure and easy interface with many tools which faciliated international school connections. One for Northern Ireland University, Maynooth and University of Ulster focusing on difference in schools between the two regions as noted by student teachers. ( ). Multiple schools throughout Ireland were involved.

From a technical point, they modified to simply the interface for the project. Wiki’s and forums facilitate the collaboration needed between remote groups. Two users cannot edit the wiki page at the same time was acknowledged as a known limitation.

Video conferencing was also used. ISDN telephnony. ISDN bridging does cause some challenges. IP conferencing is future possibility. Interestingly, Northern Island has tight controls on IT and settings which needed to be negotiated.

Nice to hear the international perspective.


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